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New Faces August

The Harvey James team takes great pleasure in introducing some new models to our family, please join us in giving a warm welcome to Daniel C, Mirjana S, Sam P, and Ruby W

Daniel C (Portfolio)



Mirjana S (Portfolio)


Sam P (Portfolio)


Ruby W (Portfolio)



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New Trainers


We are thrilled to introduce two new trainers, Alexander and Amanda, to the HJM Top Model Program.

Both Alexander and Amanda understand the journey from new face to seasoned model, and bring valuable insights on achieving success in the industry.

Join us as they share their expertise and guide you towards your modelling goals.

Welcome, Alexander and Amanda!



ALEXANDER CIRCOSTA (@alexander_circosta)

Alexander is a versatile performer hailing from Perth, Western Australia. After earning degrees in Law and Creative Arts from Murdoch University, he pursued acting and improvisational comedy training in Los Angeles. Since his return, Alexander has made appearances in television commercials, feature films, and has become a sought-after TV presenter, Master of Ceremonies, and performer. Notable credits include hosting events for prominent organizations like the City of Perth and Channel 7, as well as stage performances in popular musicals and WA Opera productions. With a wide range of skills, Alexander effortlessly transitions from TV presenting to musical performing, event emceeing, education workshops, public speaking, modelling, standup comedy, and creative content creation and consultancy. With his broad skillset Alexander will be HJM’s new Intro to Industry/Media Coach.


In this module you will learn the true essence of being a model, the purpose of the industry, and how to approach it as a job. Discover how to stand out, identify your unique strengths, and upskill within your control. Gain insights into managing a multi-faceted creative career and explore related fields. Master speaking to the camera, understand the model-agent relationship, and embrace collaboration with fellow models.



AMANDA GARDNER (@amandigardner)

Amanda will be HJM’s new Social Media Coach, bringing her unique perspective as a former student of the Top Model Program and a signed model of HJM. With early success in the modeling industry, Amanda worked with renowned brands like ASICS, Pyra Elements, and Francesca Jewellery. Her modeling journey inspired her growth in the online and fitness spaces, allowing her to monetize social media platforms and collaborate with brands such as Rimmel London. As the HJM Top Model Trainer, Amanda guides new models in developing their brand identity, optimizing social media profiles, and curating eye-catching content aligned with current trends.


In this module you will learn how to create a strong brand identity, gain exposure, and effectively leverage social media platforms. You will gain valuable insights into social media analytics, discover useful tools, master networking strategies, and explore monetisation opportunities for your platforms.


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New Faces April

The Harvey James team takes great pleasure in introducing a new model to our family, please join us in giving a warm welcome to Tshego A!


Tshego A (Photographed by Cal Hadaway)



Cal Hadaway (@cal.hadaway)

Tshego A (@apexafi)

Suha T x Morgan Shaw

HJM model Suha T had the pleasure of doing a test shoot with the talented Morgan Shaw. Morgan is an Australian born fashion and lifestyle photographer based in London UK, you can see more of his work here





Rydges Hobart Bridal Themed Shoot

Our lovely models Lauren P and Ryan P recently starred in a bridal themed shoot for Rydges Hobart. Recently renovated, Rydges Hobart combines the modern comforts and stylish interiors of a boutique hotel. 



Female Model – Lauren Potter – @laurenapotter

Male Model – Ryan Posselt – @ryan_posselt

Photographer – Mark Lane – @laneway

Hair & Makeup – Lara – @a4hairandmakeup

Dresses – Strutt Design Studio – @struttdesign

Model Agency – Harvey James Management – @harveyjamesmgmt

Suit – Les Lees – @lesleeshobart

Venue – Rydges Hobart – @rydgeshotels

Riverson R x Morgan Shaw

HJM model Riverson R had the pleasure of doing a test shoot with the talented Morgan Shaw. Morgan is an Australian born fashion and lifestyle photographer based in London UK, you can see more of his work here





Amanda G for Francesca

HJM model Amanda G appeared in her second campaign for Francesca Jewellery. Established in Tasmania’s famous Salamanca Markets, Francesca has grown into a much-loved Australian brand with an international online presence and stores in Hobart and Melbourne CBD.



Wedding Upmarket Styled Shoot

HJM models Sam H and Alana M starred in a styled shoot for Perth Wedding Upmarket to kick off 2023, featuring gowns from JRW Bridal.

What Type of Model Are You? Height and Beauty Standards in the Australian Modelling Industry

What is a model?

This might seem like a simple question, but it has a complex answer. A model can be many things: someone who poses for photos or is booked for runway, someone on IG who is the ‘face’ of a beauty brand, or even an actor who books campaigns on the side. There are different types of modelling, and the industry has its own set of height and beauty standards that aspiring models need to know about. In this post, we will explore the different types of modelling and what you need to do to become a successful model in today’s world!

So, what is a model? A model is typically defined as someone who represents brands and connects with consumers via different mediums of advertising, such as, print, billboard, social media platforms or live runway shows. Most models today offer a hybrid creative skillset in order to become a recognised personal brand such as model/influencer, model/actor, model/pageant queen or model/singer. Within the modelling industry, there are different types of modelling, and each one has its own set of requirements. Despite each genre having it’s own requirements, most successful models become skilled in more than one type of modelling.

One of the most common types of modelling is fashion or editorial modelling. Fashion models are typically used to showcase clothing and other fashion items in magazines, runway shows, and advertisements. Generally, to be a successful fashion/editorial and runway model, you need to have interesting features, and be tall with a slim build. Most editorial/fashion models are between five feet eight inches and six feet tall. The reason fashion models are slim is so that the clothes stand out on the runway, rather than the models body. In addition to height, you need to have a lot of confidence, poise and rhythm so you can work the runway like a pro. Runway modelling is a very demanding profession and so you need to be physically fit as you need to be able to walk long distances and stand for long periods of time without getting tired.

If you’re not quite tall enough to be a fashion model, don’t worry! There are other types of modelling that might be a better fit for you. For example, commercial modelling is a type of modelling that focuses on promoting products or services and is a very popular career path for Australian models. Commercial models typically appear in television commercials, print ads, and online advertisements. To be a successful commercial model, you need to have a relatable or friendly look that the masses can connect with.

Beauty models are models who are chosen for close-up portrait photos for hair, makeup and skincare campaigns. To be a beauty model, you need to have physical attributes that are traditionally considered to be attractive or interesting. Most of the time, this includes symmetrical features, clear skin, bright eyes and lustrous hair. There are no height restrictions for a beauty model.

Petite modelling is another type of modelling that is open to people of all heights. Petite models typically showcase clothing and other products that are designed for people who are shorter in stature.

Swimwear models are generally very healthy looking and more curvaceous and toned than their fashion model counterparts as the swimwear they model is enhanced by their body movements and shape.
Size diverse models or ‘curve’ models, are making waves in the commercial modelling industry in Australia. These size-diverse women are shattering stereotypes and proving that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

A common misconception is that curve models don’t work as much as straight-size models. But that’s not true. To the contrary, curve models are in high demand and Australia is leading the way as more and more local brands are choosing to use size diverse models in their advertising, runway and marketing campaigns. Curve models come in all shapes and are generally a size 10-12AU+ with a relatable, friendly or interesting look.

Even though all of the above types of modelling are very different, they still have some qualities in common. To be any type of model, you need a strong work ethic: Making it as a model takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You’ll need to be willing to put in the long hours and make sacrifices to make your dreams a reality. In addition, models need to be able to work well with other people as models often have to work with other models, photographers, stylists, and makeup artists. In addition to these attributes, you also need to be able to take direction well and work well under pressure. And finally, you need to have a positive attitude! Modelling can be very stressful, and you need to be able to stay calm and focused whilst working.

Now that you know a little bit more about the modelling industry, it’s time to decide what type of model you want to be. Are you interested in fashion modelling? Or are you better suited for commercial or curve modelling? No matter what type of model you want to be, remember that all models need to start somewhere. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t fit the “perfect” mould. Just keep working hard and you’ll eventually find your niche within the industry!

Do you think you have what it takes to become a model? If so, what type of model you want to be? If you’re still unsure after reading this article, book in with our Founder and Principal Jade Taylor for a FREE Top Model Assessment to find out how to maximise your unique features within the modelling industry.

Perth modelling agency Harvey James Management changing the industry

We’ve heard the “horror stories” about the modelling industry but Jade Taylor is making sure her models aren’t part of them.

The former model, who started Harvey James Management in Tasmania in 2016, still hears about the kind of inappropriate behaviour that she experienced during her years as a model, from new students.

“It’s just hideous to hear because I can’t do anything about it because it’s already happened, but I can try and create a really safe culture,” Taylor told AAA.

The founder and principal recently introduced an app that connects the client, model and agency, and has a tracking feature.

“We actually have an app that we use, and it tracks the models while they’re on the work, so they log in and it tracks them,” she said.

“I can’t see them all the time. It’s only when they log in for their job and if they turn it on, but they’ve got that option.”

Taylor said it had been very well received by her signed models.

And that’s not the only thing that sets her agency apart.

The Perth branch of the business opened last year and it has never been busier, with almost 300 new model applicants this year.

“Last year was great and this year we’ve already enrolled double what we had last year and the submissions are just through the roof, in the hundreds,” she said.

“It’s just blowing my mind how many people are applying at the moment.”

She said it was partly because of the cultural shift towards diversity in the modelling industry.

“I’m definitely finding that the client requests coming through are a lot broader and not your typical 5ft 8 blonde supermodel types. That’s enabled us to open up what we’re looking for . . . to service that client demand,” she said.

As for Taylor’s model program, she said “there’s nothing like it on the Australian market.”

It includes “forward-thinking” modules such as nutrition, holistic health, personal branding, casting and audition techniques and “how to create your own personal elevator pitch”.

“We do come across a lot of freelance models and they say to us, ‘I’ve got this portfolio of 200 photos. Why aren’t I being signed?’ And that’s where we step in,” she said.

“I think it’s really important to give people the time that they need and tell them honestly, obviously in a nice way, but I tell them honestly, where they sit in the market and what their opportunities are.”

This was the case for 18-year-old Katie Ellis, who came in with hundreds of photos, but couldn’t book a job.

“We completely rebranded her and within four months of doing our program, she had a national campaign,” Taylor said.

“I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this without the beautiful team behind HJM. Especially Jade. She has always been my No. 1 support ever since I first joined,” Ellis added.

Harvey James Management to hold first annual Perth Model Search to discover talent in Perth

Jade Taylor wants to discover the next new face on the Australian modelling scene right here in Perth.

The founder and principal of Harvey James Management established the agency in 2016 in Tasmania, and “believes there’s so much undiscovered talent here”, she opened an office in Hay Street at end of last year.

“I am really passionate about providing a platform for aspiring models who live in the outer states of Australia, who may not get the opportunity to apply for work like other models do in Melbourne or Sydney,” Taylor told PerthNow.

There’s so much undiscovered talent here.

The agency held its first annual Perth Model Search on Saturday to scout for budding talent.

Competitors had portfolio shots taken and catwalk training with highly regarded pageant trainer Peter Sereno who has worked with Jennifer Hawkins, Scherri-Lee Biggs and Jesinta Franklin.

“You can’t get any better than actually seeing people face to face and having that personal one-on-one with them and answering their questions, which I don’t think a lot of agencies do these days,” Taylor said.


@ harveyjamesmgmt

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